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Realizing the key role played by continuous technology innovation in lifting enterprise’s core competitiveness and guaranteeing its sustainable development, Xiangtan Electrochemical established dedicated R&D section to carry out in-depth and wide- ranging study on EMD. The R&D personnel makes up 30% of all employee.


In 2000, Xiangtan Electrochemical set up the dedicated R&D institute – Hunan Battery Material Technology & Research Center. Over the years this center has formed a comprehensive linking mechanism by perfecting single lab planning, strengthening infrastructure construction, introducing cutting-edge instruments, improving pilot workshop conditions, upgrading facilities, expanding scale and recruiting well known specialists at home and abroad as well as skilled technicians. By pushing study on specific technology project, the center continuously developed new product , new technology and new process hence improved the product’s tech edge and market competitiveness and strongly supported the company’s long term development while at the same time greatly contributed to China battery industry’s leaping forward and its increased market position.