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Founded in 1958, Xiangtan Electrochemical successfully researched and developed the first ton of EMD with indigenous technology in 1964, which filled a void in China EMD technology and initiated the replacement of imported battery grade EMD by domestic one  while ushering in the development of China EMD industry.


1974:the first EMD producer in China adopting titanium anode with greatly improved product purity and production efficiency, cementing its leading technology and quality position in China.

1985:developed alkaline battery grade EMD, filling a void in China EMD technology, further advancing China EMD industry.

1997:breakthrough in developing Hg-free alkaline battery grade EMD; filling another void in China, initiating the production of Hg-free alkaline EMD with low grade MnCO3 ore as raw material; lifting China EMD technology to the same level as leading overseas producers.

1997:The first dedicated EMD production line to Hg-free alkaline battery grade launched by the end of 1997 and operational in early 1998 with annual capacity of 6,000 MT;
The first China EMD producer certified ISO 9002 in 1997;
Quality approved by major battery manufacturers both at home and abroad;
Product sold in large quantities in international EMD market by late 1980s and early 1990s with exportation in 1999 contributing to 90% of China total.


2000:Xiangtan Electrochemical Scientific Ltd. (Xiangtan Electrochemical) was jointly established by Xiangtan Electrochemical Group Co. Ltd. as major initiator and four other competitive enterprises in 2000. As a hi-tech enterprise primarily engaging in the R&D, production and sales of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD) which is a major raw material for high performance battery and other new energy materials, Xiangtan Electrochemical’s EMD product line consists of Carbon-Zinc battery grade, Alkaline battery grade, primary Li-MnO2 battery grade and secondary LMO battery grade.

May 1st 2000: began the construction of 20,000 MT capacity alkaline battery grade EMD line;
Mar 23rd 2001: the line operational


2004:additional 8,000 MT capacity alkaline EMD line operational; total annual capacity reaching 46,000 MT; becoming the largest single EMD factory in the world.


August 2005:Adopting “going out” strategy and joined by two other enterprises, Xiangtan Electrochemical launched Jingxi Xiangtan Electrochemical Scientific Ltd. as one of the “one-hundred enterprises settling in Guangxi” campaign by Asean-China Expo.. Now its annual capacity reached 20,000 MT.


April 2007:Xiangtan Electrochemical listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE).





June 2007:acquiring Xiangtan Manganese Mine with RMB 100 m, achieving the win-win consolidation in capital and resources.


July 2007:the branch company of mining established with annual capacity of 160,000 tons Mn ore.


March 2008:the branch company of Electrolytic Manganese Metal (EMM) established with accumulated investment of RMB 110 m and annual capacity of 15,000 tons.





Guided by the principle of "scientific development" and sticking to the idea of "resource economical and environment friendly", Xiangtan Electrochemical carries out the industry development stratege of focusing on mining, Mn product refining, battery material for new energy and industry logistics.